Second Saturdayz
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Second Saturdayz


Second Saturdayz - An event and curated experience created by seasoned local, Diane Wesh, in association with the Seward Arts Council, to further promote and sustain diversity through local Alaskan art(s).

This event aims to: (1) partner with local coffee shops—to serve as venues for artists— and promote the consumption of coffee/tea opposed to alcohol; (2)attract more tourism & culture to the Seward community; (3) serve as an additional incubator for further diversity and inclusion in arts; and (4) create an extra fun-filled opportunity for all tourists and the public community to partake. 

The first event will be held on Saturday, June 8th, from 9AM- 12PM.

The local venues include: Ranting Raven, Frontier Trading Post, Zudy’s, and 13 Ravens Coffee House (all other partnering locations TBA).

The featured artists/organizations include: The African American Artists of Alaska from Anchorage, Seaview Community Center: The Self Help Group, Alaska Native Artist: Karen Garcia of Water Colors by Karen, Latina Artist: Leonor Delgado of Anchorage, and live acoustic vocalists: Selma Casagranda and Anevay Ambrosiani, Seward locals.

(All other artists as well as artist placement TBA). 

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Munch 'N Mingle
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Munch 'N Mingle

Munch N Mingle.jpg

Hey All,

I decided to curate a new experience for the 2019 summer season: Munch ‘N Mingle. I will (do my best) to host this event every LAST Monday of the month with the aim of bringing people together and building a stronger sense of community.

Anyone is invited, all I ask is that you please bring a small dish, you can either get fancy and make your own or pick something up from the store.

The First event will occur Monday, May 27th, 2019 from 6PM - 8PM at the 4-PLEX in Seward, Alaska it will be BREAKFAST FOR DINNER !!

I will make pancakes and TONS of bacon, so please bring a breakfast dish/drink of your choice

(i.e waffles, fresh fruit, more bacon, deviled eggs, french toast, sausage, OJ, cranberry juice, just to give you a few ideas).

The vibe (of course) is gypsy/bohemian ( our place is already decked out with that eclectic vibe).

SO, COME MUNCH ‘N MINGLE ! Enjoy a dope vibe, yummy food, and some old-school throwback jams!!



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Hippy Dippy Gypsy: Sip N Shop

A Charity-Driven EVent .png


On Saturday, April 6th, 2019, from 11AM - 5PM, I will be hosting, planning, and styling my FIRST-EVER charity-driven event on behalf and in honor of two carefully chosen non-profit organizations that I strongly believe in: (1) Utopia Feni of Virginia Beach, VA due to their strong commitment and efforts at creating a safe, creative, and inclusive space for the Hampton Roads Community and (2) Doctors Without Boarders /Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) due to their long commitment and tenacious efforts at aiding refugees in the Middle East as well as providing support for numerous countries all over the world.

This event is FREE and welcomes EVERYONE regardless of race, gender, religion, socio-economic status, disability, and sexual-orientation. The deeper goal I aim to achieve at this event is to strengthen and uplift the community by bringing everyone together—under one roof—in unity and solidarity.

At this event, I will be selling over 200+ pieces of gently-used in-season clothing (i.e: formal and summer dresses/ professional work attire/ work-out gear etc.) that come in various sizes and include name brands such as: Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, New York & Company etc. I am selling ALL clothing items at an affordable rate for everyone: $10 or less for all clothes (with the hopes of selling out). I will also be selling a few items I picked up from my travels:

  • Various crystals

  • Sage

  • Palo Santo

  • Prayer Flags

  • Vintage pillows

  • and more!!!

Additionally, I will be holding a raffle from 11AM - 2PM and donating a prom dress (see image below) from All the Rage, retailed at $500, FOR FREE, to a young woman in need (dress is a size 2)

Photo Taken by:  Zoe Grant

Photo Taken by: Zoe Grant

33% of my proceeds will go directly to Utopia Feni and I aim to obtain $300 in donations for Doctors Without Boarders: .

I will be doing this event in collaboration with Culture Coffee & Tea Bar, enjoy some good vegan eats and if you purchase a coffee or tea you will receive an additional 5% off your ENTIRE purchase.

To confirm your attendance or to obtain additional information please click here.


Organizer/Host/Creative Direction/Event Planner/Photographer: Diane Wesh

Venue: Utopia Feni and Culture Coffee Tea & Bar

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